Powerball Prize

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Powerball Prize
In Nov of 2011, someone at Connecticut won a Powerball prize worth far more than $254 million. An unidentified person attempted to claim it, but said he lost the ticket. D’oh! If this person actually did win the Powerball jackpot officially, official site korea lottery is 파워볼사이트 I hope that he signed his ticket. Why? Signing a lotto ticket is never a bad idea. Maybe he lost the ticket. If that is the case, he might never find it. Nevertheless, the ticket has been stolen. If it was stolen, at least the thief wouldn’t be able to cash the own ticket if it had a touch on it. 

Winning the lottery, for many people, is an once-in-a life time event. You typically don’t get another opportunity to win a big jackpot. That is why it is important to defend your lotto tickets from the start. It’s always a wise idea to sign your tickets after you buy themjust in case. In fact, some lottery businesses have made it compulsory for tickets to be signed prior to cashing them. That principle applies to the small prizes that are secondary. 

Why would they institute this type of rule? It is because lottery fraud is fairly common. Consider this situation: You go to the shop with a couple old tickets. You ask the cashier to check in them. One-by one, the cashier checks the tickets, until she comes along with a jackpot winner worth tens of thousands of dollars. Without you noticing, you change the winning ticket with another ticket beneath the counter which you keep there for just this type of purpose. Then she keeps the winning own ticket and claims it. This scenario would not be possible when the tickets were signed. 

Do not think this scenario can happen? Well, it’s, often times. In California, a Television news show secretly filmed an individual going into different stores with winning tickets, only to have the cashier’s steal them after having them checked. In Ontario, many retailers have been charged with this too. The worst part of all this is which there are hundreds, possibly thousands, of individuals that won the lottery that do not even realize it – plus they never will. As you can tell, signing your lottery tickets is never a bad idea. All it can take is a few seconds. 

So grab a pen and put up for touch on them instantly when they are purchased. I am certain the Connecticut Powerball winner now wishes he’d done so! website. It features people which have won billions of dollars worth of lottery jackpots, at games like Lotto Max, Mega Millions, Super 7, Pick 5, EuroMillions, and more.

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